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Comes housed in a gatefold jacket. It’d be easy to simply call ORDO INFERUS and super-group and let the hype machine take the lead. After all it’s not that often you get musicians spread over two different continents with such a pedigree getting together in the name of death fucking metal. And who the hell would dare to say that Hempa Brynolfsson (EXCRUCIATE) Daryl Kahan (DISMA FUNEBRARUM) Tony Freed (GODHATE THRONEAEON) Martin Halfdan (NECROPHOBIC) and Janne Bjorkenfj?ll (MASTICATION MORPHEUS MALFEITOR) don’t know shit about said genre?! Except that ORDO INFERUS isn’t trying to surf on the current old-school trend. Nor does it pretend to be just a one-off thing. As a matter of fact by the time you?ll be able to put your sweaty hands on this debut 10? inch they will already be working on their first proper full-length. And if you can trust those first three tracks this is going to be a monster! To put it simply death-metal it is but a catchy-as-hell yet heavy version of it that even dares to be melodic in places the kind of songs that instantly stick unto your mind with their big choruses the first time you hear it. Damnati was mixed and mastered by Benny Moberg (MALFEITOR BLOOD MORTIZED) and features amazing artwork by the madman Paolo Girardi (BLASPHEMOPHAGHER CRAVEN IDOL etc.). This is just the beginning?

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