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If you’re a faithful follower (and if you’re not what the fuck are you doing here in the first place damn?!) you should know by now that here at DOOMENTIA headquarters we don’t fuck around with thrash-metal. We like it raw in-your-face and with enough gusto to kill any posers in sight! And so far our Italian friends have yet to fail us thanks to already blinding records recently by BARBARIAN or BUNKER 66. And guess what? You can now add HATRED to the list! Already spotted for their participation in the 2007 hailed sequel of the famous ‘Speed Kills’ compilation the pedigree alone of this power-trio should tell you what the game is here as you’ll find back here three quarter of BAPHOMET’S BLOOD current line-up including Necrovomiterror on vocals and guitar who’s been desecrating souls with BLASPHEMOPHAGHER since 2002. And while the later is now ‘on hold’ until further notice the future spells HATRED whose first proper full-length ‘Burning Wrath’ – their first sign of life since their 7 inches ‘Winds Of Annihilation’ on IRON BONEHEAD back in 2010 – is now being unleashed through DOOMENTIA. With one foot in the old-school and the other in the modern approach of all things thrashy this is no simple nostalgia exercise but a stomping and fistbanging 36 minutes trip with a thick-as-a-brick production and relentless drumming. Get ready to be beaten to death or get the fuck out of the way!

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