Dark Descent Records is an underground metal label based out of Colorado Springs, CO, USA.

Keeping our focus mainly on death metal, black metal and doom metal, since 2010 we released records by some of the leading bands in the scene including Blood Incantation, Burial Invocation, Crypt Sermon, Engulfed, Father Befouled, Grave Miasma, Hyperdontia, Imprecation, Krypts, Lie In Ruins, Lvcifyre, Maimed, Malignant Altar, Obliteration, Spectral Voice, Sulphurous, Undergang among many other and reissued long sold-out classics by the likes of Cianide, Decomposed, Timeghoul.

We are also running one of the largest underground metal mailorder services with an unmatched selection of vinyl, CDs, tapes, merchandise as well as many exclusively distributed items.

Please refer to Order Status and Terms and Conditions pages if you’d like to learn about your order and contact us at darkdescentrecords@gmail.com for other matters.

We truly appreciate your support!