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CRIMSON MIDWINTER may have left us little if none to us – besides a forgotten album in the late 90’s on BLACK MARK – but since this is where drummer Atte Mäkelä and vocalist erm Johnny Nuclear Winter learnt their chops and since both are about to make a god damn messy carnage with AXEGRESSOR new album ‘Command’ guess we should be thankful somehow… Fact: ‘Command’ ain’t your regular DOOMENTIA assault. No creepy doom atmosphere no raw old-school atmospheres or smoking stoner groove here baby sorry. No AXEGRESSOR are simply shall we say playing thrash fucking metal. Yes the adverb ‘fucking’ DOES matter here. And it will to you too once you’ll find yourself all dizzy and knocked down on the floor wondering what the fuck happened. And then you’ll remember you simply put your ‘Command’ LP on. No wonder they have a fucking tank on the cover… Having already making waves last year when the album was initially released on CD by DETHRONE MUSIC the band have already done two Finnish mini-tours and were picked up among 140 others unsigned applicants to play at the Inferno festival in Oslo. So do not worry even if the band is only three years old they’ve been paying their dues alright and spent countless nights in the trenches and in the mud learning their chops and how to put to silence their enemies. And it shows. AXEGRESSOR doesn’t like to fuck around and their music is as lethal and as in-your-face as five straight shots of Salmiakkikossu Finland’s vilest alcoholic export. And if the title of the opening salvo of the album only won’t put you on the right track (“Born Of Pain Bred In Fear”) nothing will… To put it simply ‘Command’ is a ten tracker thirty-eight minutes long album of thrash fucking metal falling somewhere in between SODOM DESASTER and one heavy shrapnel rain. Enough said!

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