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Australia can be a harsh hostile place to live. It is fitting that a continent of arid deserts and every creature poisonous and toothy has produced so much great extreme metal. To those ranks add relative newcomers Sewercide. The Melbourne-based band has actually been around five years now building their name and sound across a string of splits and EPs and through relentless live shows at home and abroad. Now at last comes their debut full-length Immortalized In Suffering just in time for their first US tour Evolving out of an aggressive death/thrash (think Demolition Hammer) sound Sewercide have now planted their flag firmly in the heat-blasted dirt known as death metal. Influenced by Australian greats Misery and Necrotomy as well as revered American bands such as Morbid Angel Gorguts and Immolation this album marks a turning point and a new high water mark for the band. It will surely satiate any listener hungry for pure aggressive gore-soaked death metal.

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