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SHIPPING NOW!Unspeakable Axe Records is proud to announce that we will be reissuing Besieged’s self-released album Victims Beyond All Help. Besieged have been terrorizing music listeners in their hometown of Winnipeg for quite some time putting out a demo (Visions of Pain) in 2004 and then releasing their debut in 2010. Their sound is lightning-fast death-tinged thrash metal indebted to the old gods of the scene while also bringing in new influences and ideas. No jokey lyrics no phony retro affectations just pure bludgeoning for fans of Beneath the Remains Reign in Blood Darkness Descends and other uncompromising furious albums that changed the face of the genre. Victims was self-released by the band in 2010 and limited to just 300 copies on pro CD-R now it will be officially reissued with an upgraded layout and the same completely old school artwork painted by the legendary Ed Repka.

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