Nupraptor – The Heresiarch LP (Splatter vinyl)


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SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is proud to present the surprise debut of NUPRAPTOR The Heresiarch. Curiously named NUPRAPTOR is the solo project of White Hornet mastermind Matt St. Ours who’s been itching to record some pure ‘n’ powerful doom metal for a while now. And that’s exactly what you get with The Heresiarch: the purest DOOM powerful as it comes downtrodden and desolate to the bitter end. Hailing the old European gods of traditional doom NUPRAPTOR crafts seven slumbering beasts of majestic misery within a mystical continuum of 51 minutes starting with a Black Mass and on Through the Smoke before Burning the Believers Before the Eyes of God and at last Wasting Away before The Fall of Christ. Verily St. Ours crafts music for the grave and the graveyard his haunting vocals heralding the onset of long nights wrapped in the fog’s embrace languorous and lonely. Or more accurately you simply cannot craft doom metal of such a beautifully barren hue without having LIVED it – and dying for it. Behold The Heresiarch for it has arrived as NUPRAPTOR!

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