Funerary Pit – The Titan Sea LP (Black vinyl)


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Anybody who felt ravaged for good by being exposed to Funerary Pit’s landing on the underground via their debut recording “Winds of Hell” 2006 will no doubt have eagerly awaited news on their front ever since like drops of rain on a drought season. That EP consisting of two tracks plus an intro (released on tape 7” and CD format) had for too long remained their only studio effort. Its contents had also turned out to be to be a stronghold of murderous intentions and a true exhibition of muscle and character. It remains the sound of an unfathomable starvation claiming for lives to be taken away and and dark times to reign supreme. Australia has been delivering strikes of neat Metal at its more intense and chaotic for over three decades and this trio from far down under sticks to the rules of their origin. Furthermore Funerary Pit has never opted for the most uncontrolled edge and unsophisticated forms of expression of some of their compatriots but instead display a more a sober and precise punch of death metal obscurantism simultaneously draped in aggression and layers of taut moments. “The Tyrant Sea” is the resounding EP that puts an end to this eight-year silence and it could just as well have emerged back then too reconnecting as it does with the very same starting point of their debut. Still brutal all-demolishing miserable and even hymnic at times every hope and expectation placed on their continuity resolutely fulfilled. Giant waves of black waters inhabited by forces of the occult strive to reach a canopy of infuriating storming skies singing the moment when the world’s countenance will be gulped down forever.

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