Insurgency – Militant Death Cult LP


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Witness flesh-ripping glory Insurgency will tear you limb-from-limb. Channeling shades of black thrash via the pioneering proto-death yells of Slayer & Possessed alongside the almost-grinding sickness of Repulsion these UK bangers harness the wild destructive energy of early ‘80s Swedish hardcorepunk royalty Anti-Cimex meanwhile nailing the relentless slam of Extreme Noise Terror’s brutal UK crust assault. Hailing from Lancaster the devastating nature of this 3-piece squadron is not to be downplayed…the last time an incendiary attack of its kind was unleashed from the same region half of Germany went up in flames. Pushed to the limit by Jack Control of World Burns To Death/Enormous Door Mastering this 12” will wreck your speakers. You won’t complain.

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