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An otherwise-mysterious trio from Germany FINIS are aptly monikered: their ghostly and gangrenous creations lead to the very literal END. As such Visions of Doom is also aptly titled. FINIS’ ably flex no small amount of death metalled muscle and yet it’s somehow stretched apart in a most desiccated manner hauntingly revealing black metalled tissue within. Their compositions patiently build swirling about the listener in an entrancing haze and then layers fall off while others are built back upon creating further trance – and even more tension. It’s subtly bewitching and more so uniquely done when placed within the wider context of the modern black/death underground. Atmosphere undoubtedly is a primary tool but it’s not the ultimate end nor is it a mere smokescreen for lack of actual songwriting. No FINIS indeed are skilled craftsmen the three weighty songs comprising Visions of Doom all exuding a wealth of texture dynamics and nuance in addition to paramount evil and grim aggression. As a first longer-length statement Visions of Doom announces FINIS’ arrival with absolute authority and almost-certain DOOM. Do you hear the bells tolling the end?

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