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IN STOCK! This CD release is presented with an elegant six-panel UV gloss coated digipak. Dark twisted churning yet technical…these are the words that often describe the vicious attack from the Canadian three-piece Adversarial. Dark Descent Records is honored to deliver Adversarial’s now famous 2008 demo Thralls for the first time on vinyl. Released in 2008 by the tape sub-label of Blood Harvest Thralls ushered in Adversarial’s unique brand of blackened death assault bringing a flair that set them apart from the rest. After the Thralls demo the band recorded the full-length All Idols Fall Before the Hammer which brought acclaim yet a polarizing view regarding album. Despite what some perceived as flaws in the mix no one could deny the tremendous talent in both song-writing and musicianship. Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation presents the original Thralls recording in addition to unreleased material from the same session in the form of the title track. To round out this unholy release three brand new recordings an epic newly-penned Adversarial hymn and two cover tracks (Archgoat’s The Light-Devouring Darkness and Incantation’s A Once Holy Throne) are included. In all Prophetic Plain… delivers seven deadly tracks clocking in at around 30 minutes. For you snare naysayers have a preview here:

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