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Death metal has proliferated all over the world but the ugliest vilest kind has always been made here in the US. Continuing in that tradition is Nashville-based Act of Impalement. With their debut full-length Perdition Cult Act of Impalement gives the sonic equivalent of their band name: a drawn-out but persistent act of bloody violence. With 9 tracks coming in at just under half an hour of run time Perdition Cult does not mess around in delivering its viciousness. This is barbaric intensely heavy death metal first and foremost but with a distinct vein of punk running through it. In that way Act of Impalement are kindred spirits to the bands they claim as influences: Autopsy Cianide Sarcofago and other pillars of extreme metal. Variety is also key to Perdition Cult and you’ll find quicker blasting tracks here alongside mid-tempo and even doomy ones that call to mind another of the band’s influences Bolt Thrower.

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