Antediluvian - Through the Cervix of Hawaah CD


Entitled “Through the Cervix of Hawaah,” this album represents the culmination of the musical exploration that Canada’s Antediluvian has been deeply engaged with over the past several years. The body of work that precedes this album (consisting of a handful of demos and a 12” EP) shows the band’s progress toward this immense release. No less unique than previous releases, Antediluvian continues to exploit the delicate permeability of the membrane containing the music defined as Death and Black Metal. The music on this album demonstrates tremendous reverence for tradition, while interjecting newly carved angles into the fabric of its sound, thereby enhancing the discordant interplay between instruments.

The use of fretless bass provides a gurgling death rattle to each of the tracks, bonding to the jutting skeletal structures of percussion as ligament entwines with bone. The guitars flicker with baleful harmony as the band’s characteristic use of atypical time signatures, unexpected transitions, and guttural vocal intonations all conjoin into the fleshy totality of a body of songs. As with a body, the songs do not each represent the same function but serve in relation to each other and to the whole according to the (dis)order of the three-sided form. The production utilized is superb for the effect that Antediluvian seeks to achieve. The trap of overproduction is avoided, yet the material is provided a clear enough mix that the raw and atonal melodies characterizing each song are not lost amid the bestial aggression.

Antediluvian generally focuses on the primeval, and on this album conceptually concentrates on undermining the Abrahamic faiths—in part through a prism of Left Handed mysticism, but also by gesturing toward some of the more contradictory, absurd, and violent passages found in the Hebrew Bible. Picture the most elemental blasphemy—the gravid human abdomen, expelling, spewing forth nacreous and gnarled beasts smeared with the putrid blood of impure lust, and the poisoning of the womb that would bear the bloodline leading to the birth of Christ. Antediluvian’s music draws upon currents of blasphemy that permeated that ancient era and thrusts them forth into present day spiritual conflict.

As always, Antediluvian approaches releases with a holistic sensibility. This latest irreverent sonic manifestation takes the grotesque imagery of prior outputs even farther, portraying a synthesis of each unholy lyrical deliverance with a unique otherworldly hallucination. The emerging superimposition of these elements is both profound and atrocious.

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