Wreckage - From Experiments To Extinction 2LP


Limited to 150 copies. Probably the best overlooked thrash demos of all time nothing but pure neck wrecking no filler bullshit metal, very obscure stuff here for reasons I cannot figure out. All the demos are studio recordings and total quality songs all are very good and hard to believe people did not have there wieners out over this in the late 80's. First demo from 1986 is more death thrash in the vein of Devastation (Chicago) so all you true metal heads out there know how good that stuff is you will love Wreckage for sure.

The other 3 demos are still same style of music as first demo only with less 80's deathmetal edge more Demolition Hammer sounding and just more straight thrash and not that boring ass lets be fast every song and not be memorable thrash either. All you Lemmy is our buddy lets drink beer and party with Satan goofy ass thrash out there take note this is the way thrash should sound and be played. No gayness just pure catchy, jammin, raw, original fucking METAL on a wicked small pressing of only 150 Double vinyl copies, no ten color version adding up to 500-1000 bullshit just 150 total copies 1 version that is it once they are gone, they are gone forever!!!!

  • Side A.
  • Experiment In Terror 1986 Demo
  • 1.RIT -Cripple Kill
  • 2.Envy The Dead
  • 3.Vaporized
  • 4.Blizzard

  • Side B.
  • From the Ashes 1987 Demo
  • 5.Conflict
  • 6.The Last Mission
  • 7.From The Ashes
  • 8.Would You Please Die
  • 9.Flesh And Blood

  • Side C.
  • World Despair 1988 Demo
  • 10.Fate Will be Done
  • 11.World Of Despair
  • 12.Violence Breeds Violence

  • Side D.
  • Dilemma 1989 Demo
  • 13.The Deadly Game
  • 14.Dilemma
  • 15.Where Is our Messiah

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