Brighter Death Now – No Decency 2LP


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This is the raw rehearsal recordings of Brighter Death Now for the American tour in 2019. Recorded early February 2019. Originally released as a tape, we now bring you a double LP in a 5mm spine jacket with embossed seal. Remixed and remastered by Peter Andersson. BRIGHTER DEATH NOW were at this time: Lina Baby Doll, Åsa Tedebro, and of course the founding member Roger Karmanik.

Track list:
1. Promises of Death
2. Adipocere
3. No Pain
4. I Wish I was a little girl
5. A-B-C-D
6. Payday
7. Prepared for Life
8. Oh What a night
9. I Wanna Die
10. Innerwar

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