Morbid Angel - Abominations of Desolation CD


CD bootleg of the demo-album featuring the original bootleg artwork. This should have been a debut full-length, but never became one, by the legendary American Death Metal band.

“Abominations of Desolation” was an early demo album by Morbid Angel. While it was originally recorded in May 1986, the band did not release it at the time due to their dissatisfaction with the final product. This album was only available as a bootleg. It would later be released in 1991 at the decision of the band's record label, Earache Records. It is specified, on the cover, that it was intended to be their first full-length album, yet unreleased, making "Altars Of Madness" their proper debut. However, Trey Azagthoth has said in interviews that "Abominations Of Desolation" is not really an album and should be considered a demo.

Most of the songs were reworked and appeared on later Morbid Angel albums. "Chapel of Ghouls", "Lord of All Fevers and Plague", and "Welcome to Hell" (renamed "Evil Spells") can be heard on "Altars Of Madness". "Unholy Blasphemies," "Abominations," and "Azagthoth" (renamed "The Ancient Ones") are on "Blessed Are The Sick". "Angel of Disease" was recorded for "Covenant", and lastly, "Hell Spawn" finally appeared on "Formulas Fatal To The Flesh" as "Hellspawn: The Rebirth." To date "Demon Seed" is the only song from these sessions that has not been re-recorded for a full-length album. This album is absolutely essential for any fan of Thrashing Death/Black Metal. While 8 of the 9 songs on this album were re-recorded by Disco D and company on later releases, the "primitive" versions found here all reign supreme to their respective counterparts!

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