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Macabre Melodies is both macabre to the max as well as melodic – in a most macabre manner! Wombripper are nothing if not maniacs devoted to pure ’90s death metal and that vintage aspect rings proud ‘n’ true here adding to (but never subtracting from) the iron-clad foundation laid down by Dismember back then keeping the guitars gutsfucking and incredibly tuneful with hummable tunes you simply won’t be able to get out of your head. But lest anyone linger under the assumption that melodic equates to some weakening aspect fuck right off here: Wombripper are not named that for no reason and Macabre Melodies encapsulates and then eclipses their no-less-righteous prior recordings making for the band’s apex to date and all without sacrificing an ounce of crush or credibility. Graced with stark ‘n’ haunting cover art courtesy of MFA XII Macabre Melodies is the sweet song you’ll hear…before you DIE! Fans of classic Entombed Fleshcrawl Entrails Nirvana 2002 Dismember Grave Demonical Carnage and God Macabre – Get ready for another dose of your favorite sounds!

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