Withering Night – Lies and Corruption CD


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Already in 2012 A.Morbid (inter alia Happy Days) and Void gathered to record a debut under the name WITHERING NIGHT which is prominent and innovative: LIES AND CORRUPTION is a statement concerning all evil on earth. Self Mutilation Services and Dunkelheit Produktionen let these jewels of the underground – originally pressed on low stock – rise to new splendor: 500 copies on CD equipped with bonus tracks. Buzzing and sawing the music shoves itself into space reciting Finnish echoes (Satanic Warmaster) destructive (Abyssic Hate) and endued with a sick Swedish taste (Woods of Infinity). Morbid propagates death through heaviness – one cannot get rid of the feeling they are willing to let us follow the same. After more than 3 years finally in conspiracy with the méxican cult label Selfmutilation Services the debut album of american WITHERING NIGHT becomes reality. 8 hymns of pure depressive insomnia featuring members of HAPPY DAYS.

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