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GUITAR VIRTUOSO AND SCENE LEGEND TOBY KNAPP CREATES NEW METAL GENRE- SHRED BLACK METAL ! What if Ritchie Blackmore or Yngwie Malmsteen recorded a Black Metal album? The answer is “Weihung Auf Satan”! Guitar Virtuoso and scene legend Toby Knapp (Onward Where Evil Follows Toby Knapp band Godless Rising) returns with his cult project WAXEN’s third album “Weihung Auf Satan”. With “Weihung Auf Satan” (German for Dedication to Satan) the masterful Knapp creates an entirely new Metal sub-genre -Shred Black Metal. Grimly layered guitar rhythms with malicious vocals are eclipsed by ripping solo’s that never overtake the songs as a whole. Knapp takes both Shred guitar and Black Metal to new heights invoking another Masterpiece of Metal! Show your “Weihung Auf Satan” and prepare to be shredded!

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