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Hailing from Edinburgh Scotland VALARAUKAR are a formidable black metal duo whose sound encapsulates very real potent visions of dark supremacy and empowerment. Their first full-length recording following a two-song demo in 2018 Demonian Abyssal Visions is a wealth of hostile masterful black metal aggression which carries introspective and abyssal undertones. Hovering and heaving and yet emitting a palpable lawlessness VALARAUKAR’s debut LP is black metal by old souls for old souls but by no means is tethered to try-hard retro tropes. VALARAUKAR’s impenetrable vision comes from the mind of guitarist/vocalist Vagath whose enduring dedication to his dark arts are driven by inner demons and primal aspects of the subconscious. Vagath’s guitar work is fused together with the driven and powerful drumming of Sovereign an individual committed to relentless extremity and force. Together a swirling sometimes-smothering/sometimes-spacious vortex of cosmic filth is created palpably physical (and headbangingly so) despite the more spiritual parameters VALARAUKAR aim. Across its rich ‘n’ dynamic 43-minute runtime the six component visions comprising Demonian Abyssal Visions draw the listener in with a subtly spell-like appeal. Or put another way visualize the music much like the album’s cover art. New old portals have been opened by VALARAUKAR and they beseech you to witness their Demonian Abyssal Visions.

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