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The nine battles that make up Towards Global Holocaust’s first full length album Feuersturm are straight from the trenches of Hell. Soaked in the blood of both enemies and comrades alike Feuersturm attacks with a ferocity that can only be the result of the maddening realization that in this war there is nothing left to lose. The vocal/guitar/bass work of RF is nothing short of disturbing and utterly aggressive. Check out the atrocity that is Flamenwerfer complete with a haunting bridge that fills you with dread after your flesh has long been melted away. Relentless battery from Blaash (Bahimiron) ensures the air raids will continue throughout the night only slowing down to reload. The pained screams on tracks such as Approaching Global Genocide flash suppressed memories of blood-drenched bodies and send a chill up your spine while the sharp-as-a-razor guitar leads shave the faith from your flesh. Feuersturm is a great album that showcases what Towards Global Holocaust is all about and is easily their best effort yet. Get your gun and bring plenty of bullets . . . you’re going to need them!

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