This Haven – Today a Whisper, Tomorrow a Storm CD


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Sensational debut from _rebro Sweden based metal / rock/ progressive act THIS HAVEN. An unique mixture of metal stoner hardcore and progressive rock. Produced mixed and mastered by Dan Swan_ (Edge of Sanity Opeth Katatonia Dissection). Cover art by Matt Vickerstaff (My Dying Bride covers amongst others). ‘I have been a fan of THIS HAVEN since day one. There is something quite unique about the way they combine all their different influences to come up with something fresh yet insanely heavy and catchy. With epic tracks like The Fallen and monstrous beasts like Hero of your hell or I will Deceive This Haven can really break into the major league of metal!! This album have been quite the journey for all of us. But for me it was worth every second.’ Dan Swan_ / Mix-engineer Oct 2008.

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