Sex Messiah – Hymn Of The Apocalypse 7” EP


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A mammoth wave of coughing up of blood a monstrous lava tsunami arosing from the nothingness nest of rudeness simplicity and Metal bareness where unpretentious sounds copulate deliriously. The raw riffing evokation of Sex Messiash mesmerizes catapultating to an old yet not dead era of straight writing understanding via the mere aim of provoking through the nausea and demented void of the unexpected sending shivers down the spine just for the sake of impudence and humiliation. It may result familiar while on the other hand is a total chaotic nihilist attempt against sanity and good taste. Determinated as they’re about breaking the protective circle of mental integrity and morality values obnoxiousness and illness is all that remains once they’ve come across your way.

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