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A band literally out of time ORGREL hail from Italy and more importantly hail the ancient days of black metal – the days too often forgotten in the late ’90s when labels like Solistitium Sombre and Drakkar began releasing obsidian gems during the genre’s post-sensationalism fallout. Rich with righteous fury and triumph alike the power-trio deliver their first public recording the full-length Red Dragon’s Invocation. Immediately mystical splendor and dizzying delirium are felt as ORGREL kick in with an impassioned surge each and every riff rhythm and holler stirring bloodlust and wonder/wander simultaneously. The soundfield is studiously raw yet robust flat but somehow full allowing aggression and atmosphere equal reign and engrossing the listener to the very last: indeed Red Dragon’s Invocation is summarily titled. Its mysteries are starkly simple but exceedingly sublime being purely and totally BLACK METAL in word and deed black metal doesn’t need to become anything when it already IS. ORGREL know this intrinsic truth and pursue it to the hilt across their debut album. Graced with absolutely stunning cover artwork by Luciana Nedelea ORGREL raise their sword of truth and prepare to strike unbelievers with Red Dragon’s Invocation.

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