Nihil Domination/Nocturnal Damnation – Baphometic Goat… 7″EP


Prepare for total devastation and annihilation: the Baphometic Goat of Thermonuclear War awaits. Originally released in 2012 in a super-limited tape edition of 100 copies Baphometic Goat of Thermonuclear War joins together two of the most savage cults in the black/death underground South Korea’s NOCTURNAL DAMNATION and Ecuador’s NIHIL DOMINATION. Now seeing a split 7 vinyl release courtesy of HELLS HEADBANGERS the wider world can witness the barbaric catacomb-dwelling bestiality of NOCTURNAL DAMNATION and the oblivion-seeking warfare noise of NIHIL DOMINATION. Hail nuclear war metal and the Baphometic Goat of Thermonuclear War!

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