Necrosadist – The Alpha Nihil 7″ EP


Clocking close to 16 minutes in total this EP offers a different perspective on the band than the upcoming album. Starting with a vicious and eviscerating piece of pure violence that is Day Of Dissolution and finishing with an atmospheric and crushing The Alpha Nihil the release features a wide spectre of shades of Purest Hell. The unrelenting assault of drums played by Menthor (also known from CORPUS CHRISTII) accompanied by razorblade-sharp chainsaw guitars and prominent thundering bass are completed with the possessed screams of a madman that is the band’s voice Dictator. NECROSADIST is RAW NECRO VIOLENCE! Are you ready filthy worms? Both tracks are unique to this release only and neither of them appears on the upcoming full-length Abstract Satan. Presented on 7 black vinyl limited to 500 copies. Packaged in a full-colour jacket and printed inner sleeve. OUT NOW!

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