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MALSANCTUM hail from Canada and made its first public recording with the aptly titled demo Metamorbid Fetishization. Inconspicuously released in 2015 by IRON BONEHEAD Metamorbid Fetishization presented MALSANCTUM in a cruelly stark and most frightening manner: a single 24-minute track of noisy ritualism alternately spacious and suffocating but most certainly uncomfortable. However all that is trumped by the full-length Malsanctum. Here split into three tracks – two at 10 minutes and the closer at a staggering 24 minutes – MALSANCTUM’s debut album is 45 minutes of obscene body worship. Defiantly challenging and sickeningly fascinating in equal measures Malsanctum once again mangles trace elements of funeral doom and black metal into a malodorous miasma that defies both genres. It is as hypnotizing as it is hellish fully utilizing those epic lengths with time-evaporating/halting inertia cum overload. The listener becomes lost because there was no path to begin with obfuscation is thus replaced by pure punishment. But to simply listen to MALSANCTUM in general and Malsanctum in particular is not to just listen but to endure…and the light at the end of the tunnel was already snuffed out long ago. The end will come…but not when you want it. Time then to enter MALSANCTUM’s Malsanctum.

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