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Lords of the Stone was formed in 1992 as a doom death metal project in the North of The Netherlands. Constant in the Lords of the Stone career was Berthus Westehuys and his studio Franky’s Recordings Kitchen (God Dethroned Asphyx Severe Torture). All four demos split ep and full length album ‘Nightflower’ (Massacre records 1997) were recorded with Berthus at his studio. The masssive compilation cd ‘Roses for the Dead is the (nearly complete- due to cd total running time limitations a cover and one track had to be skipped) demo compilation from Lords of the Stone. Including the demos ‘The Rhymes of Bitterness’ (1992) ‘Diamond in the Dust’ (1994) the ‘In an Eyelid’s Fall’ demo (1995) and their last demo ‘Sweet Revenge’ (1998) 14 tracks in total. Personel though the years were amongst guitarist Roel Dijkstra and his brother vocalist Andre Dijkstra God Dethroned guitar player /vocalist Henri Satler (first two demos) and Martine van Loon (ex The Gathering 1993 – 1994) amongst others. All tracks are remastered and restored by Berthus Westerhuys at Franky’s Recordings Kitchen.

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