Black Wizard – Young Wisdom LP


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Indulging in the timeless riffary of bands from the late 70’s it is clear that Vancouver’s BLACK WIZARD knows what made these acts so loved and influential over all these years. Rather than replicating them entirely The Wiz combine a unique blend of 70?s groove rock & doom with an arena-like fullness that far surpasses the often tripe stoner rock affiliation. Their sophomore full length Young Wisdom is a near 40 minute assault full of Thin Lizzy-esqe guitar harmonies colossal choruses subtle mandatory nods to Sabbath and heavy hitting rhythms that are sure to leave you craving obsessive multiple listen?s (and beer runs). Comprised of members from the recently signed Anciients legendary rock and roll outlaws The Hookers and Vancouver?s Three Wolf Moon Black Wizard?s talent and pedigree is a force to be reckoned with in the increasingly popular revival of classic metal.

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