Ataraxy – Where All Hope Fades CD


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With a certain maturity and poise a sense of deep-set misery almost pushes the record into death-doom territory. Almost…but not quite. The sound remains tensely energetic albeit with a sense of space time and songcraft which is more impressive than ever. Gruesomely textured wraith-like melodies intertwine monstrously hammering double-bass rhythms the delicate interplay of guitar harmonies threading a perfect line between devious subtlety and straight-ahead bludgeon. Perhaps above all else the gasping tortured vocals imbue a horrific terror upon the listener. It is the sum of all parts which so masterfully elevate Ataraxy above their peers. Few others have scaled such heights in this timeless classic we witness a band enter the pantheon of death metal royalty. Vinyl version through Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Dark Descent Records will have the vinyl edition available.

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