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Initially ASCENDENCY started out as solo project formed by the strong desire to ignite the black flame of death. Here in the cover of darkness concepts and ideas were slowly formed and refined over a number of years until the enlistment of a competent drummer took place elevating the band to newer heights and gaining them prowess musically. The band then recorded and made two promotional tapes before the lineup was completed by the recruitment of a second guitarist increasing the strength and power of the band once more. Birth of an Eternal Empire was recorded in May 2019 and has since gone through an extensive process in the pursuit of a fitting and impactful sound which could showcase the raw energy of ASCENDENCY and leave its burning mark upon a sullied world. Consisting of four tracks the 26-minute record chronicles the rise to power of an despotic tyrant and will be the first of a trilogy of short releases with a continuous conceptual narrative about the thirst for power and hegemony and the ultimate betrayal of ego and arrogance. Musically ASCENDENCY’s attack comprises piercing guitars and thunderous bass with monumental and melodic riffs tearing through an eternal battlefield accompanied by visceral and commanding vocals that spew forth tales of fiery conquest and herald a new dark era. All this is meticulously completed by a relentless bombardment of drums which underline the songs with pure rhythmic punishment and primitive force. Indeed this is a Birth of an Eternal Empire!

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