Vladimirs – The Late Hours CD


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Darkness comes in many forms and for Hells Headbangers it’s not always extreme metal. Darkest proof in the form of THE VLADMIRS who first made their black mark at the forefront of the mid-’90s during the second wave of horror-punk and now 16 years later animate their eighth zombified creation entitled The Late Hours. Indelible utterly anthemic punk rock that’s eerily dark and shadow-draped THE VLADMIRS here pay respect to horror-punk legends before them whilst creeping on with their well-established identity resulting in a rollicking ride through the graveyard when the devil’s on the loose – run far and free with them during The Late Hours! Recommended for diehards of THE MISFITS SAMHAIN DEVIL’S WHOREHOUSE early TSOL and 45 GRAVE!

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