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Dark Descent Records Ninth Anniversary Sale through Sept 15th!

First off, for those of you that have ordered the Ritual Necromancy – Distinterred Horror LPs, we finally have confirmation of shipment from the plant. Due to the delay, we have expedited shipment of these LPs and they will be arriving later this week. We’ll be processing your pre-orders as quickly as we can once they arrive. Thank you for your patience!

I started Dark Descent Records nine years ago. There have been a lot of ups-and-downs (mostly ups) and I am extremely grateful to continue to be doing this nine years later. Without you, we would have closed up shop long ago but we’re still here and I have you to thank. To show our appreciation (and to make room for incoming stock), we’re offering a sale through September 15th. Discounts up to 30% will begin September 4th. Some exclusions apply (mostly new stock or almost out-of-stock titles) but almost everything in the shop is discounted (click on the flyer to go directly to the shop).

Thanks again for all your support and we hope to continue our assault for many years to come!



Posted by Matt at September 3, 2018 12:48 pm
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